Tuesday, May 14, 2019

හනුමා පඬුපුර නැවතත් ගිණි තබා ඇත. (01)

වයඹ ගිණි ගත් බව මම දන්නේ මගේ අම්මාගේ වචන වලිනි. ඒ ගින්න මගේ ගම් පියස ආසන්නයේම දැල්වුණු බවත්, ඒ ගින්නෙන් වේදනා විඳින මිනිසුන් දෙස බලාගෙන ඇතැමුන් සිනාසුන බවත් මම දැනගන්නේ මගේ තොරතුරු පද්ධතිය තුළිණි. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

5 Easy And Painless Way To Suicide | Dont Do It | YOU DESERVE ANOTHER CHANCE

:- By Mani Karthik from India 

If you’re looking for painless ways to end your life, here are top five ways to suicide – no pain, easy peasy. 

First off, if you’re reading this, I’m sure there is something going on in your life – possibly something bad. You have thoughts – negative ones mostly. I need you to understand that, this is normal, but you’re right. You probably are going through a bad time in life. People don’t care about you anymore, nobody loves you, you feel awful. You are in debt, or worse… an ailment and you’re in pain. I understand.